Commissioned - Emmy Bovenhorst for Sax Magazine

30-08-2018 12:57:26

Sax was the student magazine of Saxion University. Since a couple of months the magazine doesn’t exist anymore. But I did a lot of nice shoots for them and had a lot of fun working with the editors and journalist students.

So lets start with the shoot I had with Emmy Bovenhorst, it’s so different from what I normally do and that’s why this is one of my favourite shoots for Sax Magazine.

I love dark and gritty and shoot black and white a lot but I really loved to make this series colourful and bright.

When she was studying, her blog, where she shared a lot of make-up tutorials, was a huge success. Right now you can profit from al her experiences because she’s the owner of beauty & make-up lounge ‘Studio Mint’.