To work with me is like…

24-02-2015 15:18:00

‘Tell me how it is to work with you?’ I got that question very often but it’s hard to answer it myself though. 

A couple of weeks ago I had a shoot with Lisa Dupuy.

She wrote a nice little story about working with me which I’d want to share with you! If you feel like working with me*, just got some questions for me or like to share some thoughts


“Well okay, a cheeky grin, right there!”

I was stood against a brick wall looking into a lens, at the other side of which Tessa Wiegerinck was enjoying – at least a little – my discomfort. Just a few minutes earlier, I expressed to her my annoyance with “regular” portraits, of people over-posing, with glossy eyes and jaws set in painful and almost permanent smiles, against pale backdrops. I didn’t want a picture like that, I told Tessa. You won’t get a picture like that, Tessa promised. And even with the corners of my mouth turning up reflexively and me not knowing what to do with my arms, I didn’t get a picture like that.

Tessa and I met on a job for a Dutch music mag, as members of a reporting team for Dour festival. That assignment was perfect for her, a taste of what was and still is her goal: to become a tour photographer with a hardcore band – a bad ass life mission if I’ve ever heard one! She brings the same kind of mentality to other assignments (she’s told me, in shrouded terms, about a series of pictures she took while spending a night with a graffiti artist), fully diving into a subject, and reaching in to pull out the perfect picture. 

And that’s what she’ll do to you! Before shooting your image, Tessa wants to know who she’s dealing with. For her to chat with her subjects and get to know them, results in portraits of people who are comfortably “themselves”.  A self-starter and freelancer herself, she is excited about offering her clients the opportunity of presenting themselves and their passions through her photography.

 I almost forgot the mention – it’ll be fun!

Lisa Dupuy

* I’m working from the east of Holland but I love to travel, especially for work. 
I'm also quite regularly in Berlin. <3